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Windom Earle

Stephan MacLeod (guitar), Greg Boone (bass), Matt Packman (keyboard)

Since 1996, Stephan MacLeod has been cutting and pasting beats on his computer into poppy instrumental tracks. To translate his new wave gems into a live show, he enlisted the most energetic performers in the Charlottetown area and started Windom Earle. Every show is full of dancing, good music, and surprises that have been catching audiences off guard for the past couple of years. Now based out of Halifax, NS, Windom Earle has been developing a strong following in the city's indie rock scene. Windom Earle's first release since moving to Halifax, "A Series of Minor Personal Tragedies" has been charting on Dalhousie's campus/community radio station, CKDU for a couple months since it debuted at #1.


Standard Equipment, The New Technology, The Things I Do For Girls, A Series of Minor Personal Tragedies

All tracks off all of these albums are available here or here.


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