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Sleepy Rabbit

"Sleepy Rabbit - The coupled ideas of a shameless sense of the undergrowth and a lush, unseemly world. As the multiple brains that are fused together are triggered by the smells, shapes, and sounds .. the scientists above lose control of their dreams in the terrible sounds that are expelled.

"In my youth I had lofty dreams of making music for the masses and being paid huge sums, like that of the modern day rock stars. Riches and clothing lines were strewn about my daydreams like that of frogs in a suburban mid-park. But then the harsh reality of the matter came crashing in through the skylight of my life and I realised I wouldn't be extremely famous, I wouldn't be able to afford the vast amounts of things I desired to own for the pure sake of owning.

"I stopped making music for a while then .. 6 months I believe, maybe more, a friend of mine would know better than I, he had about 400 songs of mine at one point. But then I realised I could just be happy that people want to listen to these things I was creating from the myriad of samples, scuttles and late-late nights. That's how I came back as Sleepy Rabbit.At first I was just trying to make jazzy stuff, but keyed lower so it all sounded .. tired. The first two attempts weren't all the good. Fun for the time, but ultimately just baby steps. The ends of the first album were like my badly thrown together creations of more human words like 'Bicycle' or 'Genome'. The second album were more like my unknown thought patterns of early years, all leaning towards the left but still a bit jittery because I may fall down very soon.But then the third one came to me.

"It had been a good number of years since I had released the last one, I believe 2-3 years. I had become settled in, not worrying about things, just continuing on and making a meager amount of money so I could keep the people around me happy. I hadn't really even thought that much about music, to tell you the truth, I had made a few songs for people, but nothing with substance .. Your Vandal Hands being a single I was proud of, like a nerdy Highschool student is proud of a model. I was busy with just making monotonous little ditties. Then I noticed something around me. That something was the thing that inspired the song 'Rest'. It just came to me that one night. I was messing with noise and had done far too much in the way of illegal substances, when I happened upon a certain melody I couldn't replicate. Then the object from before came back to me that eve, I played the song again, and finished it that early morning. I was very proud.

"The rest of the album fell in line after that, almost 1/3 songs I made fit into the pattern I was looking for. The album was almost done, only a few more songs to work out. Then it all disappeared. I had nothing left and just sat there. I created a few songs but they were brooding songs, they would never go anywhere even if I had the entire area before them quilted to their perfection. It thought I would have to send out a half-finished album to the masses, and I hated myself even more for that. It hadn't been what I had wanted. Story shortened, I evened out. I came back to the light because it was back around me again. I finished the album and added a touch of sleep to the end. These were my first few moments of being a seven year old.I then set out to make a quick, seductive EP. Nothing wow, nothing of the exact same. A transition between the next year. Now I'm trying to act mature, trying to pay attention more, although realising I am not that exact and it's definitely not as much fun now that I can remember more, and point out more of my failures. The chemicals aren't quite right just yet, they've still got that half-green quarter-blue appearance. But I'm trying my damnedest to not go gentle into that good night."

- Russell


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