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Andrew Duke

Andrew Duke has been composing, producing, remixing, and performing music since 1987, plus scoring and sound design for film, television, video, web, theatre, and radio. His music is consistently referred to by the media and listeners alike as continuously presenting a unique and distinct sound.

In 2005, two PSAs he scored for the "Racism: Stop It!" campaign were recognized with national awards. In 2003, he was nominated for Album of the Year (Electronica) at the Canadian Independent Music Awards for his Sprung album (Bip-Hop/France). He has also been commissioned for 55+ remixes (for artists such as Aaliyah, Pink Floyd, Chicks On Speed, Heavy Meadows, and David Kristian), has licensed 125+ tracks to compilations, and regularly tours his live PA. He is also a music software educator and a visual artist whose work has been exhibited internationally.

"Andrew Duke creates music that sounds like it has a reason for living." (The Wire, UK)

"He often seems to be inventing new genres." (Cyclic Defrost, Australia)

"A unique producer with a strong perception and approach of his own to electronic music." (Koert Notario, Courthouse Int'l Audio, The Netherlands)

"Andrew Duke renews my faith in the world of slow-mo techno." (Igloomag/Microview, USA)

"Andrew Duke reinvents himself almost with every release." (All Music Guide, USA)

"Andrew Duke puts his soul into his experimental music." (The Halifax Daily News, Canada)

"The man behind the East Coast electronic music scene, Duke displays a different facet of his skill with every release." (Exclaim, Canada).

Contact info:
Andrew Duke 1096 Queen St #123 Halifax NS Canada B3H 2R9
andrew@andrew-duke.com http://andrew-duke.com


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