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Alex Pearson

Name: Alex Pearson
Projects (current): Tecx – dub, illbient, dark ambient, noise
With a Movement of Darkness on Darkness – isolationist, electro acoustic, musique concrète
RIYL: Kato Hideki, Justin K. Broadrick, Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, Set Fire To Flames, Tim Brady.
Location: Halifax N.S. Canada
Record Label / Representation: Sound as Substance / Polygon Network Records

Alex Pearson has been a musician for most of his natural life with his roots set firmly in punk. In his younger years, armed with only an acoustic guitar, an electric bass, and minimal skill, he set out to break some eardrums. Thankfully (for himself and many others), it proved early on that this was not going to work.
Shortly after shedding his punk rock skin, Pearson fell out of love with live music and found a new love for electronic music (which he actually grew up listening to, thanks to his parents’ musical tastes in the 80’s). He started to listen to any electronic music he could get his hands on and began to do “fan remixes” of some of his favorite tracks. In early 1997, David Sheppard (a friend of Pearson’s and fellow electronic musician) recorded and released their first album, titled “Sampler”, which sold out within months of its release and enjoyed a bit of radio play on local campus station CFMH. By late ’98, Pearson had fine-tuned his sampling, programming, dj’ing and production abilities and set forth to record the album that would forever change his life. The “Innercityjazzman” was born, and a jazzy, lo-fi, trip-hop opus began its journey. Two years, hundreds of records, and two hard drives later, the album “Welcome To Vacuum Land” was completed. Thanks to relentless self-promotion and an adventurous first pressing of 200 copies, the album climbed a few campus radio charts and garnered national attention on CBC’s “Brave New Waves”. Through a combination of radio play, countless live performances, and generous local media coverage, the album quickly sold out, and a second pressing was made. However, during this time, Pearson became jaded; not only toward the music he had grown to love, but toward his relationship with music in general. He set out on a journey of musical discovery, beginning work on the follow-up album under the name “Tecx”; feeling that innercityjazzman had done everything it could have, he put the name to rest. The new album, entitled “Sound, Exit and Stop”, was much darker and more progressive than his previous projects; as it turned out, the album was just too much for Pearson to work on, especially with his interest in the genre rapidly dwindling. This album has been completed and is now avaialble through Polygone Network Records.
It was during this period of discovery that he discovered a love for the works of electronic artists from the 50’s and 60’s. Their music opened up the world of the avant-garde for him, and with a hunger for free jazz, 20th century composition, musique concrete, electro-acoustic music, post-rock, and noise, he began to further broaden his musical horizons in both listening and performing. It was at this time that he picked up a bass for the first time in almost 4 years; at that point, his destiny was realized. In 2002, Pearson began his true journey to where he currently resides; his Tecx shows became firmly based in soundscape and noise, and live instruments such as bass began to make an appearance as well. Soon, the computer was out of the picture, followed by the keyboards; now all that is left is his bass, his hands, his effects and his imagination (although he still experiments with electronic music currently). In 2003, Pearson recorded “Studies 1 through 5, For Sonic Destruction” with longtime friend and sympathetic guitarist Elijah Kamminga. The album was noise-based and was the first recorded account of Pearson’s new musical direction. Currently, all his energy is being poured into “With a Movement of Darkness on Darkness”; however, he still has time for the occasional side-project (“The Downtown Noise Trio”, “I am the fall of your empire”). “With a Movement…” is an exploration of the limits of the relationship between humans and sound; the music is best described as isolationist, but there is also elements of electro-acoustic and musique concrète.
Originally, the project consisted of Pearson with Elijah Kamminga, but currently it is Pearson with a host of supporting musicians who share the same love for music and art. “With a Movement…” hit the studio in January ’04 and finished in February; the album has just been mastered at Weather Station Audio by Marc Gosselin and should be available to the public in late ’05. He now resides in Halifax Nova Scotia with many of his fellow Polygon Network artists, and is planning a full scaled sonic attack on the cities fair citizens with new projects and concepts.


Sampler – Music for the Deaf (data jockies)

DJ Tecx – Hiphop instrumentals tape (data jockies)

innercityjazzman – Welcome To VacuumLand (data jockies / innercityjazz records)
innercityjazzman – Live at Tapps Brew Pup (data jockies)

Josh 90 – You Really shouldn’t Listen to This (data jockies / brokenbeat.net)
Alex Pearson – Theories in Minimalism (Sound as Substance, polygon network records)
Mental Disorders & Random Acts of Mutilation Compilation – V.A. (lost data recordings)

Alex Pearson and Elijah Kamminga – Studies 1 through 5, For Sonic Destruction (Sound as Substance)
Alex Pearson – Chaos in computers E.P. (Sound as Substance, polygon network records)
Tecx – Sound Exit and Stop (Sound as Substance)
Alex Pearson – W.S.B. (Sound as Substance, polygon network records)

Polygon Minute Compilation- V.A. (polygon network records)

With a Movement of Darkness on Darkness – With a Movement of Darkness on Darkness (Sound as Substance)

Shows: (a few worth mentioning)

June 13th – innercityjazzman – The Gothic Arches (sj) (Offbeat release party)
Aug. 18th – innercityjazzman / Slight Return (halifax) – Tapps Brew Pup (sj)
Dec. (end of) – O’Leary’s Pup (sj) (for the ecma committee)

Jan. 31st – Tecx – The Deep End (sj, no case)
Feb. 1st – innercityjazzman / Gary Flannagan / JeTprojecTlabs / Buck 65 – The Deep End (sj, no case)
Feb 3rd – Tecx / A/V (halifax) / Das Radio (fredericton) – The Deep End (sj, no case)
March 15th – Dawgshait Damage – The Waterfront Lounge (sj)
March 23rd – Tecx / Gary Flannagan / Drums and Machines (fredericton) – Electrobash 2 – The Deep End (sj)
June 13th – Alex Pearson and Mark Winchester – Delta Ballroom (sj, NCRC Awards Banquet)

March 21st – Alex Pearson / The Burdocks (halifax) – Studio 112 (sj)
June 21st – The Downtown Noise Trio / Eight Days Nameless – Studio 121 (sj)
Oct. 27th – Alex Pearson – The Kyber Club (halifax, The project box opening)
Oct. 27th / Nov. 1st – Alex Pearson – The Ceter For Art Tapes (halifax) – “TheProject Box” (sound art installation)

May 3rd – With a Movement of Darkness on Darkness / MiMiC – Studio 112 (sj)
Dec. 4th – With a Movement of Darkness on Darkness – Saint John Arts Center


Alex Pearson
5260 Kent st.
Halifax N.S.
B3H 1P6




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